How Do You Use the Information?

Two very important components of a successful survey process are getting enough of the right information and then analyzing it and creating an action plan for maximum benefit. All of our survey packages include a customized communication plan - before, during and after the survey.


Wave 360° Assessments

Our customized 360° Assessment indicates how effectively leaders influence others.  This is useful in implementing development plans, promotion and succession planning.

Our unique process includes:

  • Identifying the competencies needed for success in your organization.
  • Creation and distribution of a customized assessment tool.
  • Customized reporting of leadership and management styles with strengths and weaknesses identified.
  • An Individual Development Plan is also generated. We include a one-hour personal debriefing session.

How Does the Process Work?

Wave Satisfaction Surveys

Employee, customer or patient surveys are very important,

cost-effective tools for helping organizations manage their

workforce and enhance productivity. They are also primary

indicators of business success and profitability.

Our unique three-step process includes:

  • Planning and design of the customized survey to address specific needs.  As strategists, we start with the end and build backwards to the beginning.
  • Distribution and administration of the survey
  • Customized reporting and analysis with specific recommendations.